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During study of English Literature I went through from two psychological dramas both were based on implications of sex in human life. One was written by Eugene O’Neill “Mourning Becomes Electra” and second one is Oedipus Rex written by Sophocles.

According to my little understanding Mourning Becomes Electra was a psychological drama of Puritan family. The story reveals the internal corruption Animal repellers for protection against animals of the family towards sex. The sect of Puritan was believed to have a strict view towards moral corruption and sex. But as Poison Ivy, Oak, And Sumac the story proceeds we come to know that several characters in the story are morally corrupt and have bitter view of sex that is Incest. The brother is doomed to be a lover for his mother as Kb290934 well as his sister. The drama emphasizes that repression may have drastic consequences to generate sexual impulses like to have incest. Not going into details in short drama restricts to have a repressive view of sex and moral corruption like of Puritans.

The story of Oedipus was more Baseball Betting 101 tragic. Unknowingly a son gets married his mother.And after the realization of the fact that he has committed incest he makes himself blind Windows Installer 5.0 with his own hands. So he may not watch the world again. After reading these two books I kept thinking that how one can have such a complex like Oedipus complex or Electra complex also used in Freudian theory.

Then when I read Service Unrecognized Service the poetry 2105 Error Windows 7 of Sylvia Plath an American Poetess I realized it could happen. Sylvia Plath was going through from her father complex (Electra complex) and that make her psychological life upset at last she committed suicide. But it is again remained for me a story of old days. We all know that western world went through from enormous development not only in industry and economy but also in humanity and society. Individuality, Personal rights, Pursuit of happiness and independence are the principles championed by western world.

Hearing about the story of Joseph Fritzl incest right between the civilized western worlds was shocking for me. The Fritzl case emerged in late April 2008 when a 42-year-old Austrian woman, Elisabeth Fritzl, stated to police that she had been sexually abused, raped, and physically assaulted by her father, Josef Fritzl. The incest committed by Joseph Fritzl with her daughter resulted in the birth of seven children and one miscarriage. During Joseph Fritzl trial he admitted incestuous relationship. As Austrian jury Windows Server 2003 Print Spooler convicted Josef Fritzl of What Web Businesses Can Learn From Online Gambling homicide, enslavement, rape, incest and other charges Jury sentenced him to life in a psychiatric ward for imprisoning his daughter for 24 years, fathering her seven children and letting one infant die as a captive.

But Joseph Fritzl case will remain a question mark for western world where there is no repression or conventional puritan blogmixmarche discipline now. Sentence to life in psychiatric ward was enough for such a criminal compared to What Materials Can't be Placed in a Skip? the punishment Oedipus Rex inflicted on himself, who committed incest without knowing the identity of his mother in Sophocles drama. It will remain a question mark on western world societies that what will be the future of Elizabeth Fritzl and her children. It will remain a question mark for civilized, educated and lawful western world. A Question mark for the part of the world that claims to be the champion of civilized behavior, how a monster can live for 73 years among them.

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